Friday, June 30, 2006

A Very Special Book Review

Anyone who knows Rev. Dr. G. Modele Clarke knows that he's a jokester. Let's talk about the time that I skipped his 8am Journalism I class because I was hungover and after he was given my cell phone number from my traitorous friend, Jill, he called me and told me to "get my rear in gear" and come to class. When I decided to go to a small, liberal arts college I never realized how personal professors would get. But, then again, you never know what to expect from G. Mo.

Here's what he had to say about my book:

I read it in two sittings - actually, lyings [in bed]. The book was funny, poignant, irreverent, introspective, honest and entirely too short. You have a rare talent for recalling and painting situations vividly and concisely. You are able to go to the heart of an issue and at times allow the reader to see you at your most vulnerable and also when you're adorably and irrepressibly bitchy. It was like you took us along for this
ride inside your head - as it existed - during those turbulent times. I almost regretted not attending high school with you or living in the house down the wooded street [dirt road, trail?] from you. I haven't had so much fun in bed [oops ...] reading for a long time.
Keep em coming."

I love that guy.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Book signing!

Ok, so here's the deal. I'm having a book signing at
The Book Corner in Niagara Falls on Saturday, July 15th from 1pm to 3pm. I'll be sending out reminder invitations to anyone who's interested in attending, so if you want one, email me or comment here with your address.

Keep in mind that if you received a book announcement back in April, I already have you on the mailing list.

Otherwise, stop by if you're in the area!